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The Anchor Tag and the Href Attribute

HTML uses the <a> (anchor) tag to create a link to another document. An anchor can point to any resource on the Web: an HTML page, an image, a sound file, a movie, etc.


The syntax of creating an anchor:

<a href="url">Text to be displayed</a>

The <a> tag is used to create an anchor to link from, the href attribute is used to address the document to link to, and the words between the open and close of the anchor tag will be displayed as a hyperlink.


This anchor defines a link to Hostedware:

<a href="">Click here to visit Hostedware's home page</a>

The line above will look like this in a browser:


Click here to visit Hostedware's home page

The Target Attribute

With the target attribute, you can define where the linked document will be opened.


The line below will open the document in a new browser window:

<a href= target="_blank">Visit Hostedware!</a>


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