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I have a high degree of confidence in Hostedware's capabilities and its employees' commitment to satisfy my needs. The employees are a pleasure to work with, in addition to having a high level of expertise. Hostedware is a trusted and reliable resource that I use whenever I can.

Richard Mathews
Mathews & Company


Case Study

Hosted Survey is an extremely effective tool for gathering institutional data. The survey package is easy to use and very flexible with regards to question and scale design. I would highly recommend Hosted Survey to anyone interested in an advanced survey product that is backed by superior service and support.

Wayne Foraker
Senior Director
University of Phoenix


Our Marketing and Account Management departments came to us with an idea for an online survey. After doing Internet-based research, I was very intrigued by your product. After speaking with someone on your sales team, I knew you could offer us a cost effective solution that would be easily administered by our non tech-savvy employees. We have been very pleased with the customer service that we have received from your company. Our SVP of customer Services made it a point to visit my office and thank me for the recommendation.


You truly do offer a great service! Understanding total cost of ownership, there is no possible way we could have developed the survey in house, generated the reports, and delivered the level of customer satisfaction to our business units that you have done. Great job!


Tyler Lynch
Senior Software Developer


Words truly cannot describe my gratitude. As a doctoral student, there is a great deal of pressure to meet deadlines. Once I discovered your company, the dissertation process changed. With one phone call, suddenly everything became doable. When I called the toll-free number, David answered all of my questions and it was David who took me through the entire data collection process. I was amazed at his kindness and knowledge. He directed every step of the way and went above and beyond any expectations I had.


I tell anyone who will listen about Hostedware. Without a doubt, using Hosted Survey to help with my dissertation process was the best decision I could have made. The time, energy, and peace of mind it saved me were well worth the money.


Melanie White
Doctoral Candidate
Texas Tech University


I find the Hostedware staff very courteous, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They have been proactive to my needs and have met all my expectations of a quality survey provider.


Susan Reekie
Manager, Partner Marketing
Reserve America


We have completed our survey and it was a great success! We've been able to acquire the results we were looking for and have compiled fantastic statistics. We found a great company to conduct business with, and we thank you for all your assistance and patience in the administration of our survey.

Mark Hood
Peak Performance


I found Hostedware's online survey application to be a huge help to my association. We could have spent a small fortune having someone build our online member needs assessment survey from scratch, but with Hostedware I was able to create the form myself with virtually no web programming knowledge. The tools are easy to use and intuitive. And, perhaps most important was the willingness of the Hostedware staff to help out when I needed it. I would recommnend Hostedware to anyone of my association management colleagues.


Steve Wolfe
Director of Membership Development and Marketing
National Coffee Association of U.S.A.



Hosted Survey has provided an excellent, cost-efficient method for the AOA to survey its membership on hospital privileges. The committee overseeing this growing area of optometry needed information quickly and your organization's product met that need. It is also beneficial to be able to change the survey to capture responses to new issues.


Susan Thomas
Public Relations Manager, Communications Group
American Optometric Association



When I first started to look for survey software (to survey members of a professional society) that could be used by email, I had no idea where to look. My company had carried out such surveys by snail mail in the past. However, it was obvious that email was the way to go. The big question was how to make the responses compatible with analysis software that already existed and that we didn't want to rewrite.


I found Hosted Survey through a search engine on the web. I was immediately attracted to the fact that no software had to be downloaded and assimilated. One could try out a sample questionnaire interactively right away. However, the biggest advantage was that there was a REAL LIVE PERSON to talk to on the phone when I had questions or needed some customization. Without question, this is Hostedware's biggest advantage.


The personal help was always friendly, knowledgeable and ready to go that extra mile when you needed it most. In the end, I had Hostedware administer the mailing and carry out some customized formatting of the data - all at a reasonable fee.


The bottom line is that this is the most agreeable experience - in over 20 years - that I have had in dealing with a software provider.

Dr. Gabor F. Fulop
Maxtech International, Inc.



Hosted Survey was exactly what I needed! The simplification of survey send outs and data management allowed me to conduct my dissertation research within a short time frame.


I cannot say enough about how great the technical support has been. The staff have been fabulous from the survey design, to incentive ideas, to troubleshooting email server differences. I could not have done it without Hosted Survey!

Diane D. DePew, DSN, RN
University of Alabama at Birmingham


I am thrilled to have found Hosted Survey to use for the questionnaire phase of my dissertation study. The application services available through Hostedware have reduced my workload and improved the quality of my study compared to conventional methods of sampling and survey administration.


I have repeatedly been impressed by the attentiveness of Hostedware's technical support staff. Whenever I have a question or problem, I am able to reach someone by phone or email. I even received a call out of the blue to see if I had any questions or concerns about my survey. Now, that's service!


In short, Hostedware has created a user-friendly service that will revolutionize social science research and cut dissertation data collection time in half. I highly recommend to any graduate student or researcher in the social sciences giving Hosted Survey a try.


Beth Krause
Doctoral Candidate in Psychology



When I wrote my first book in 1994, I surveyed 160 U.S. women by mail and input each response into my laptop. What a logistical nightmare! While writing my most recent book, I found Hosted Survey. They designed my newest 48-question survey and have made the process easy and seamless for me. In just a few months I 've received more than 700 responses from all over the world. The data reports are comprehensive and accessible. I 'll never do a survey by mail again.


Hope Edelman
Motherless Daughters





Hosted Test™


Hosted Test has provided us with the tools that allow us to test our employees' skills and abilities. This is our first testing project using an on-line format. By utilizing Hosted Test services, we have saved time and money. Our return on investment has been significant as we are able to accurately monitor test results vs. IT time spent to develop the tracking we did before moving to on-line testing.


Most importantly is the support and response we have received from Hostedware. Hostedware's development of the matching questions for us, and the communication provided about new enhancements to the testing system, expands our ability to use the services when we are developing our training programs. Your support has been great!

Crystal Williams
Sales Training Specialist



Case Study

We currently have 4 projects/quizzes active with an average of around 30 respondents for each. Since the process is very new to everyone, including the supporting managers, we are still working hard to achieve the needed discipline of timely follow-up and completion of the quizzes. However, from a cost perspective we are already realizing the savings or cost avoidance related to the previous deployment methods. In addition, the employees are more receptive to learning since we are no longer requiring them to travel and lose time with our customers.


To date, I would like to state that my experience with Hostedware has been both positive and rewarding. Their support staffs of professionals are extremely competent and willing to assist you in every way.


Since Hostedware also offers the ability to download the quiz results at any given time, we have created an Excel spreadsheet with automated formulas that summarizes results and feedback for all employees and projects.


To date, I would like to state that my experience with Hostedware has been both positive and rewarding. Their support staffs of professionals are extremely competent and willing to assist you in every way. I'm definitely looking forward to them providing additional improvements to their sites in the future which offer us additional advantages to reduce our cost while increasing productivity.

Benny Neff
Mountain States Area Quality Manager
Johnson Controls, Inc



Case Study

We have over 7,000 members who need to demonstrate their knowledge. Instead of having them come to a physical location to take a test, we chose Hosted Test for its convenience. What could be easier than taking a test over the Internet? Anytime, day or night, it's available.


The online test has saved both our members and our staff time.


Renee McLain
Director of Technology Training
Northern Ohio Regional Multiple Listing Service





Custom Hosted Solutions

The work you have done for Hilton has demonstrated your wide range of expertise and varied technical skills. Your ability to understand our business environment and processes so quickly proved invaluable in your ability to identify technical solutions that supported our business. I would highly recommend you and your team for future projects at Hilton.


Kathleen Sullivan
VP, Information Systems
Hilton Hotels Corporation



Hostedware came highly recommended to me as a company who could develop a web site that was both easy to use and very powerful. Since my experience with SQL is very limited, I decided to work with Hostedware to develop the databases and search engines for our site. The feedback from my clients has been very positive - both they and I are pleased with how easy it is to search for information and the speed in which accurate data is returned.


Michael Wilde
Support Network, Inc.




After several attempts of trying to find a web hosting company that could design a website that portrayed the company image I was trying to portray... Hostedware, not only met, but exceeded my expectations.


Melanie Toliver
HRTechniques, LLC



People are impressed with the professionalism of our site. Nice design and good content. You guys did a great job!

Dick Mathews
Mathews & Company



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